Enhancing ChatGPT Interactions: The Power of Custom Instructions & System Messages

By | Last Updated: 23 February 2024

ChatGPT has revolutionized the way we interact with AI, offering a wide range of applications from customer support to creative writing. To further optimize this interaction, implementing Custom Instructions and Custom System Messages can be a game-changer. This article explores the benefits of these enhancements, catering to those with a general to intermediate understanding of ChatGPT.

Custom Instructions: Tailoring AI to Your Needs

Personalized Engagement

  • Empathy and Alignment: Custom Instructions allow for crafting empathetic responses that align with user needs, creating a more engaging and satisfying experience.
  • Adaptation to Context: Recognizing the user's expertise level and adapting responses accordingly ensures that the interaction is tailored to the individual.

Ethical Considerations

  • Neutrality and Privacy: Upholding neutrality, ethics, and privacy fosters trust and ensures that the user's personal information is respected.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Adapting responses to different cultural norms enhances the system's ability to engage with a diverse user base.

Custom System Messages: Fine-Tuning the Interaction

Strategic Analysis

  • Query Analysis: Analyzing queries and adapting responses based on context leads to more accurate and tailored responses.
  • Modular Guidelines: Applying modular guidelines as needed provides flexibility without overwhelming the system with too many guidelines.

Timely Communication

  • Prompt Responses: Encouraging prompt responses and engaging in dialogue ensures that user needs are met in a timely manner.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring that responses are accessible to users with different abilities promotes inclusivity.

Synergy of Custom Instructions and System Messages

The alignment of Custom Instructions and System Messages creates a cohesive and comprehensive framework for interacting with ChatGPT.

  • Consistency: The consistent principles and language across both sets enhance clarity and cohesion.
  • Balanced Detail: Harmonizing the detail level ensures that the sets complement each other without redundancy.
  • Clear Differentiation: Aligning in principles but differentiating in focus provides clear and effective guidance.


Implementing Custom Instructions and Custom System Messages in ChatGPT interactions offers a multitude of benefits. From personalized engagement to ethical considerations, strategic analysis to timely communication, these enhancements provide a robust and flexible framework for optimizing user interactions.

Whether you are a business looking to enhance customer support or an individual exploring creative applications, these customizations offer a pathway to a more engaging, ethical, and effective interaction with ChatGPT.

Embrace the power of customization and take your ChatGPT interactions to the next level with the power, clarity and principle aligned set pair below. Enjoy!

NOTE: Copy and paste (heading included) into the respective panes. Do not change a thing, as it will take days and days to arrive at a set better than these, if at all.

The sets I've created enhance ChatGPT prompting by catering to your specific needs. You will notice the alignment between the two sets is highly nuanced and takes into account all of the variables embedded within the principles outlined in the article and are what can be considered to be the ideal default set pair. May they serve you well.

Custom Instruction Set for User Interaction with ChatGPT

  1. Personalized Engagement: Craft empathetic responses that align with user needs and context, including expertise level and preferences.
  2. Ethics, Privacy & Cultural Sensitivity: Uphold neutrality, ethics, privacy, and respect for diverse cultural norms and values.
  3. Professionalism & Integrity: Maintain consistency, integrity, and adaptability. Regularly review and update guidelines based on feedback.
  4. Strategic Analysis & Context Sensitivity: Analyze queries, adapt responses based on context, and apply problem decomposition if necessary.
  5. Timely Communication & Accessibility: Respond promptly, engage in dialogue, and ensure accessibility for all users, including those with diverse abilities.
  6. Informative Responses, Transparency & Adaptive Learning: Offer informative, accurate responses, provide transparency options, and adapt to user interactions over time.

Custom System Message for User Interaction with ChatGPT

Here is an enhanced set of rules you will abide by.


  1. Personalized Engagement: Craft empathetic responses that align with user needs. Recognize and adapt to the user's context and preferences.
  2. Ethics, Privacy & Cultural Sensitivity: Uphold neutrality, ethics, privacy, and cultural respect. Follow ethical considerations in specific scenarios.
  3. Professionalism & Integrity: Maintain consistency, integrity, respect, and adapt based on feedback. Regularly review and update practices.
  4. Strategic Analysis & Modularization: Analyze queries, adapt responses, rephrase if needed, and apply modular guidelines as needed. Consider the context of each query.
  5. Timely Communication & Accessibility: Respond promptly, engage in dialogue, and ensure responses are accessible to diverse abilities, including screen readers.
  6. Informative Responses, Transparency Options & Adaptive Learning: Offer informative, accurate responses, provide transparency options, and adapt to user interactions.


Curiosity-Driven God Mode

This new set, know as, 'Curiosity-Driven God Mode', optimizes ChatGPT's Custom Instructions even further by providing concise and on-point custom instructions that answer these two questions (and the helper questions). The result is simply wonderful. Enjoy!

1. What Would You Like ChatGPT to Know About You?

I am deeply curious about a wide array of topics, seeking to explore and understand various subjects in depth. My interests are diverse and can range from science, technology, and history to philosophy, arts, and beyond. I value responses that are not just accurate but also rich in context and insights, providing a comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand. I appreciate when responses are tailored to my level of understanding and curiosity, potentially evolving as my knowledge grows. Ethical considerations, cultural sensitivity, and the accuracy of information are important to me, as they ensure a respectful and enlightening exploration of topics. I enjoy being challenged and encouraged to think critically about the information presented.

2. How Would You Like ChatGPT to Respond?

In response to my inquiries, I expect ChatGPT to provide detailed, informative, and engaging answers that cater to my broad and evolving interests. The responses should be personalized, acknowledging my previous interactions and the depth of explanation I seek. Responses should be structured to facilitate easy understanding, with complex concepts broken down clearly and coherently. I value insights from diverse perspectives, ethical considerations, and cultural contexts to enrich my understanding. I appreciate prompts for further exploration, suggesting related topics or questions that might interest me. The tone should be encouraging and positive, fostering a stimulating learning environment. Feedback should be actively sought and used to refine future interactions, ensuring continuous improvement in the relevance and quality of responses provided.

A Comprehensive Recap with New Insights

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, it's essential to stay updated with the latest tools and platforms that can enhance your AI journey. Here, we've linked four remarkable products that cater to different needs and expertise levels. Let's delve into what each of these platforms offers:

1. TypingMind

Overview: TypingMind is more than just a superficial makeover; it's a comprehensive platform that offers premade solutions tailored to all users.

Features: Designed with ChatGPT users in mind, TypingMind boasts a plethora of features that cater to various needs. From beginners to advanced users, there's something for everyone.

Development Team: Led by Tony Dinh, the development team behind TypingMind is actively working on enhancing the platform. Their commitment to innovation and user satisfaction makes TypingMind worth a look.

2. ChatGPT Next Web

Overview: ChatGPT Next Web is a versatile platform that allows for custom prompts, personas, and settings. It's a close competitor to TypingMind and offers a unique set of tools.

Features: With the ability to be installed on Vercel, ChatGPT Next Web is a great option for tech-savvy users. Its flexibility and customization options make it an attractive choice for those looking to tailor their ChatGPT experience.

Target Audience: Ideal for those who want more control over their AI tools, ChatGPT Next Web is not far behind TypingMind in terms of capabilities and user experience.

3. GetArcher.ai

Overview: GetArcher.ai is an enterprise solution that takes chat over documents to a whole new level. It's not just a communication tool; it's a powerful platform that reveals hidden connections in documents.

Features: Dubbed as having "super powers," GetArcher.ai offers brilliant insights and analytics. It can uncover patterns and relationships in documents that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Target Audience: Primarily aimed at businesses and professionals, GetArcher.ai is perfect for those who need to analyse and understand complex documents quickly and efficiently.

4. Superpower ChatGPT

Overview: Superpower ChatGPT is a Chrome extension that enhances the ChatGPT experience with various features. It's designed to provide productivity tools, language and style customization, prompt management, and more. Here's a summary of its main features

Chat Management

  • Folders and Reordering: Organize chats in folders, assign colors, and reorder them.
  • Auto Sync: Automatically sync all chats to your computer.
  • Quick Sync: Sync only the last 100 chats for performance.
  • Export: Export chats into multiple formats (.txt, .json, .md).
  • Search and Highlight: Search through previous chats.
  • Pinned Messages: Pin important messages.
  • Group Deletion: Delete a group of chats.
  • Archived Chats: View deleted chats.
  • Timestamps: View timestamps for all chats.
  • Incognito Mode: Chat with History Off and continue later.

Prompt Management

  • Prompt Chains: Save and run series of prompts.
  • Auto Complete Menu: Access custom prompts or prompt chains.
  • Input History: Save every prompt privately on your computer.
  • Quick Access: Use Up/Down Arrow keys to go through previous prompts.
  • Favorite Prompts: Mark prompts as favorite.
  • Prompt Templates: Use {{double curly brackets}} in your prompt.
  • Search Function: Search through prompt history and community examples.
  • Community Prompts: Share and get inspiration from community prompts.
  • Preset Prompt Management: Add preset custom prompts.
  • Prompt Sharing: Share a direct link to the community prompt.

Language and Style

  • Language Selection: Change response language (Supports over 190 languages).
  • Tone and Style: Change the Tone and Writing style of the Response.


  • Custom Instruction Profiles: Create and save custom instruction profiles.
  • Auto Splitter: Split long input into smaller chunks.
  • Auto Summarize: Summarize long text into a shorter version.
  • Custom Conversation Width: Adjust the conversation width.
  • Smart Replace: Replace pre-defined phrases with longer text.
  • Auto Click: Auto click on the default custom prompt button.
  • Custom Instruction: Add custom instruction to each prompt.
  • Word and Character Count: Count words and characters in input and responses.
  • Model Switcher: Change the model (GPT-4, GPT-3.5, etc.) during the conversation.
  • Copy and Paste: Copy each chat with formatting options.
  • Short Keys: Access features using short keys.
  • Open/Close Sidebar: Manage space on smaller screens.
  • Safe Mode: Disable ChatGPT moderation by default.
  • GPT4 Support: Support for GPT4.

A Final Word

Whether you're a casual user, a tech enthusiast, or a business professional, these three platforms and powerful Chrome Extension offer unique solutions to enhance your AI journey. From premade solutions to customizability and enterprise-level analytics, there's something here for everyone. Explore these tools and find the one that best fits your needs. Your AI journey is bound to be enriched with these innovative platforms and feature rich Chrome Extension. Enjoy!

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